Land and Sea
Land and Sea

Acrylic on canvas 24” x 32”

This piece came from a coffee house event in 2014 at Valley Gate Vineyard. The image developed before me without a pre-sketch. It ended up conveying to me the sense of mystery between two worlds, land and sea. The arts offer an accessible way of exploring spiritual ideas, and this is a good example. I tried not to draw conclusions as I was painting. I sensed something of mystery emerging.

The blend of opposites began to get my attention in the swirl of colours. I pursued the tension of these opposites in a non-representational way. The warm earth and sunset colours of what seemed to be emerging as horizons on the left, were interweaving with waves of cool ocean colours on the right. Reflection at the end gave me some insight. ‘Land and Sea’ makes me think of two worlds, the physical and the spiritual; the earthly and the heavenly. There is more of a flow between them than we realize, an ecosystem held in balance.

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