Empty Tomb
Empty Tomb

Acrylic 18”x24”  Matthew 28:1-7

Mystery intersects with devotion. As the figures draw close to the tomb of Jesus their steadfast devotion and love for him is rewarded by revelation. Jesus is not dead, but alive, just like he said. This mystery cascades over the figures as light reveals their deepest love, their servanthood even in their deepest grief. The light of the tomb echoes quite victoriously the dark shadow of the cross on the distant hill that put Jesus in the ground. The edges of the swirling colors vibrate with expectancy as though nothing of darkness can hold back the light.  

That which causes any of us to hope beyond death is a mystery in itself. We know this mystery as faith. Part of it is in us to believe in Jesus against all odds and part of faith is supernaturally given to us. Faith really is a mix of mystery and devotion.

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