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Behold the Kingdom
24x36 Acrylic on Canvas

This painting has emerged from a growing awareness that we are being drawn to live in the Kingdom and not just visit it. We understand that the Kingdom of God breaks into our world at times, that in certain seasons it seems like the Kingdom is more accessible or is nearer. This image has a sense of gravity, a deep draw upon spirit. The sense here is that maybe signs of the Kingdom breaking in will coalesce with our expectancy. 

The image I had in mind was of Jesus’ posture as he stands in the door and beckons. His hand gently lifts from holding the door open. It’s like he is waiting until we notice this and then he will go on through. The light is compelling. It envelopes his figure in the door. Maybe the sounds and smells of new life carried on the breeze reach us as we look longingly. This is the way. This is the kingdom.

The word for ‘Kingdom’ in Hebrew comes from the idea of ‘walking’. ‘King’ literally meant ‘to walk among the people’. The Kingdom was the realm of his walk. So, when Jesus would say, “I am the way”, or “I am the door”, he was talking about his Kingdom or his walk among the people. Everything about the Kingdom for us is discovered through the way Jesus walked among us. But more than this is the way Jesus is walking among us now… his Kingdom, his ways, breaking into our life again.

I see this figure of Jesus in the doorway in a non-pushy, no-manipulation, gesture… ‘Hey! This is it… what you have always longed for.”

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