The Great Harvest
The Great Harvest

Acrylic  36” x 48”   Luke 5

This image comes from the story in Luke where Jesus demonstrates how people will be brought into the Kingdom. The miracle of the great catch of fish indicated to Peter, a seasoned fisherman, that if Jesus was able to bring real fish to the nets like he did, then drawing people into the net of the Kingdom would not be beyond Jesus either. The huge wave that wraps around the composition shows the power of the Holy Spirit being released today around the world. It is the prophetic imagery of the revival that is gathering momentum and picking up fish or the lost as it draws them into the net of the Kingdom.  

Many of us have "fished all night" like Peter and have caught little or nothing too. With all of our work and programs to bring people into the church, we have seen small rewards. But God has our attention because we are still longing to see this world come into God's Kingdom. With renewed vision and empowerment God is preparing Christians all around the world for a great revival. The power of the Holy Spirit to perform signs and wonders is being awakened in us that we might be fishers of men and women.

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