The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen

Acrylic  18” x 24”  - Revelation 6:1-7;  Daniel 7

This image was commissioned to portray a particular interpretation of the end times. The four horses with their riders are from the book of Revelation and represent kingdoms of power in the end time that will rise up and have their dominion. Behind each rider is an animal image that corresponds from the Book of Daniel. Both Daniel and Revelation describe the emergence of three kingdoms that will rule and will then be displaced of subdued by the fourth kingdom which will be different from the rest.  

The white, red and black horses with their riders identify three current world kingdoms. The first is the conqueror with a bow and a crown. The animal from Daniel behind it is the Lion with wings of an eagle. This suggests something noble but extremely powerful and ultimately bent on conquest. The red horse with its warrior rider and huge sword causes there to be no peace between people. The animal image behind is a bear that is attacking. Similar to the white horse, its purpose is clearly to wield power. The black horse carries a rider whose kingdom causes famine. In the hands of the rider is a set of scales with the symbols of oil and wine indicating the control of the markets. Behind it is a leopard representing cunning and agility. The final horse is sometimes called the pale horse. The word for pale actually comes from the same root as Chlorophyll. It literally means green. The rider is named Death with Hades following right behind. The animal imagery behind it is reminiscent of a huge reptilian creature. Daniel says that it is terrifying and very powerful and that it is not like the other kingdoms. This suggests a kingdom that is not so much geo-political as it might be an economic union or a coming together of world powers around something like the environment [green].

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