Acrylic  30” x 60” - Matthew 22:1-14   Revelation 19:7

This painting portrays the almost overwhelming call of God as the light of a new day dawning. God beckons people from all nations and circumstances of life to come to the wedding feast of the lamb. The table is spread with bountiful food, each bit symbolic in itself. People are being drawn to the table as if life itself depends upon arriving there. Some dance, some sing, and some are being helped to the table. There is an uncontrolled, spontaneous unity in this gathering. In the distance is the city of the world. The trees and waterfall, from which a river flows, all suggest the restoration of the Father as those drawn come apart from the world to be with Him. The menorah represents the perfect abiding presence of God with His people.

Over all the image are the open arms of Christ welcoming those He has called. His hands are made up of people at the extreme edge of life coming to centre of His heart. The people make up His body. Above the table His face is seen radiant with light. He overlooks the gathering with joy.

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