Be Not Afraid
Be Not Afraid

Acrylic  24” x 36”  - Luke 5:10;  John 20:29

Many times I walked along this beach on the Bay of Fundy in Margaretsville just asking God for evidence of His presence and leading. On this occasion I was longing for God to paint His face in the sky as confirmation of His presence and leading. Nothing happened – no vision, no miracle. I felt even more desolate. But then I became aware of my footsteps in the sand as though the Lord was speaking to me. He said, “Follow in my footsteps; stay close to me. Do not be afraid about where you are going and what you have to do. Follow in my footsteps.” There was just this solid assurance, no miraculous sign or wonder in the sky, but a peace within me to follow.

In the painting Jesus is superimposed over the landscape showing how he was present with me. It looks as though I am standing just about where Jesus’ heart would be. Jesus’ hand is outstretched, beckoning, as if He were saying, “Be not afraid, come follow me and I will make you a fisher of men. Not by you might, nor by your power, but by my Spirit.”

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