Preaching From the Boat
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Preaching From the Boat
Watercolour 9"x12     Luke 5:1-3

I always imagined myself as the fellow holding the boat still will Jesus stood in it to teach the crowds. It was probably Simon Peter. A voice carries clearly across the water and was probably not lost on Simon and may have been why he helped out. Those in the back on the hill may have had some of the words relayed up to them. No one breathed. They wanted to hear Jesus. He was that captivating. I can imagine the thoughts Simon must have had at this point before he really knew Jesus. He was so close to Jesus holding the boat, maybe he wondered if there was a way that he could continue holding the boat for Jesus in other places. There must have been something quite compelling enough to to cause him to drop everything at Jesus suggestion later to go out and fish for a while. It was this day, after listening to Jesus teach, that everything began for Simon. Contrasted in the background is the almost solid mass of humanity clinging to every word Jesus uttered.
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