Between Hope and Despair - Steadfast
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Between Hope and Despair - Steadfast

Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 48"     Psalm 42:11

The aim of this painting was to create the sensation one might experience in a dark forest dwarfed by towering trees. To the left is the profile of a woman bowed in despair and whose lines echo the confining press of the timbers behind her. On the right, with similar lines, a profile rises up with what I suggest is hope. And, hope is the long game of steadfast faith.

The rhythm of the dark vertical lines were first laid in over bright yellow and orange. As I painted in the trees, I  found myself wanting to resisting the bold way they were covering up the peaceful background. The figure of the woman in the centre almost seems to be swaying as she walks resolutely towards the only opening and light. Who knows what lies beyond? There is light, but there also seems to be fire. The word for faith in Hebrew is ‘emunnah’ which also means steady or steadfast. There is no guarantee with God that we will not endure hardships. The sense I have is that there is often a balance of carrying our hope amidst despair, but also with a steady resoluteness that puts one foot in front of the other. This is the most emphatic expression of faith. 

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