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Worship Eternal

Acrylic 24” x 32”    Revelation 4:8-11

This painting was painted during worship at the Prayer Summit hosted by Harvest Vineyard in Edmonton, Alberta, March 2010. The vision is an explosion of worship emanating from the light of God above a throng of worshippers. The feel of being part of ongoing worship in the spiritual realm was all around me as I painted. The essence of what I was seeing was the gravitation of God drawing all creation to himself. So, the forms of and shapes of worshipping beings seem to flow in a circular pattern all the way around the bird-like light of God in the centre. Those closest to the core of light are ablaze. The vibrations of rhythm in the brush strokes are also reminiscent of the sounds of praise, music and dance, which were going on around me while I painted. It is like when we worship we join worship already in progress as all creation in heaven and on earth continually glorify the Father.