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Under Your Wing

Acrylic 28" x 36"  Psalms 17:6-9

This painting was done during worship in Winkler, Manitoba, during the Vineyard Heart to Heart conference. As the band was playing, the sense of worshipping God in His presence grew within me as a sense of awesome comfort. I was dancing in my spirit and so were others. The swirl of colors wraps around the dancing figure lost in holy adoration. They represent extravagant worship. The colors of golden yellow and variations of purple against a backdrop of searing pure white indicate a regal manifestation of the presence of God. The motion and rhythm of the colors wrap around the dancing figure worshipping God alone, totally oblivious to all else… lost in His love. The wing tip at the top merges with the swirl of colors and reflects the movement of the dance. This is God’s abiding care and protection. We can worship God in freedom and vulnerability… and He protects us.