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And the World Will Know
Acrylic 24” x 36”

I painted this image vertically most of the time as though they were grapes hanging on the vine. It represents for me the fruit of being connected to Jesus. The leaves and the vine suggest the timeliness of a harvest that is being made ready. This timeliness is reflected in the “Harvest Rhythms” painting that Caleb and Lorissa did with me. I think it’s a matter of God preparing his workers at the same time as He prepares a harvest for His workers. So in the fruit of the vine are the many faces of those being released to the world. They will, no doubt, be released with the fullness of creativity, speaking the language of the world to reach the world. On the right the Light of God illuminates their way and so ignites them with His unquenchable fire. So, you can see the fruit on the left gradually changes from being the whole earth ready in all its ripeness for the countless young hearts of fire also made ready with God’s passion and love.