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Spirit of Adventure

Acrylic 24” x 36”   James 3:4; John 3:8

This painting was painted during worship at the Prayer Summit hosted by Harvest Vineyard in Edmonton, Alberta, March 2010. I was painting this painting with my attention drawn to the elements of nature, how the wind can be a force of destruction or power to be harnessed. As I let the clouds form and waves of an ocean take shape the wind blew. Into the image a shaped a vessel healed over in the wind. Before it lie rocks. If left to the wind it will hit the rocks, but it tacks sharply and uses the power of the wind to its advantage. This sense of the wind as the Spirit of God speaks to me of the intentionality with which people must follow Jesus. You cannot coast and do nothing. You will hit the rocks if you do. On your ship you carry cargo, gifts and provisions for those on your journey. You have to seize the wind and capitalize on the power of the Spirit to get to the destination to which you have been called, and... it is an adventure.