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Rise Up On Wings of Eagles

Acrylic 24” x 32”     Psalm 139; Deut. 32:10

This image, painted at Christ Church, Kirkland, came from the thought of God going further in those that persevere through trials and keep on following Jesus without giving up. The image of the worshipper on their face in the foreground had been with me for a number of months. The progressive rising up is the promise to you that you will be swept away by Him who never sleeps or tires. God will bring the light of a new day to those who wait. The tall trees of your coastal countryside are echoing the figures arms of praise thrown up to God. The cool waters likewise call to the deep refreshment of God. Fear diminishes in the hopeful light of God who cares, who notices, who is ever present though unseen. Here the Eagle stretched across the background where the yellow, red and orange light reveal His presence. The white head of the eagle touches the figure of brokenness. The music of worship at this point was playful and gentle. I let the lines of white and yellow vibrate out to the right from the figures. Then the music began to echo the refrain, “…fire fall down, fire fall down”. The colors began to run. I went with it emphasizing the idea of God’s light, God’s passion and God’s way of sacrifice falling down on each one of us worshipping.