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Lion in the Storm

Acrylic 24" x 30"   Job 37:1-5

This was the first painting I painted during public worship. I was a little nervous and out on a limb this first night in PEI, in front of so many people. I began, as I often do, painting light. The gesture of my strokes, however, seemed to place me in a storm. The worship was majestic, but for me I was in a storm. There were waves and wind. A ship was heeling over in the wind with its sails torn and water cascading over its deck. The light emanates from the area around this ship. The wave around it almost seems to swallow it. At this time I was turning the painting around as the colors continually ran. As I turned it sideways I could see something else in the storm. It seemed to be like the personified roar of the storm - a Lion. With the painting sideways, now, I continued painting the fierce roar into the storm, which suggests Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, is near. So - "Don't be afraid," Jesus said, "I am in the storm."