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Healing Hand

Acrylic  28” x 36”    Matthew 8:2,3

This painting was done during worship at the Vineyard conference, Heart to Heart, in Winkler, Manitoba. We were out doors on a bandstand and people were gathered around on the amphitheatre shaped hill surrounding the band. My first impression as I was asking God to give me an image was the gesture of Jesus stretching forth His hand to touch my eyes. So, I painted a hand very close to the viewer’s vision as though it had just been lifted up. Through the finger and thumb you can see the purposeful face of Jesus as though he has just said the word, “See!” This is healing for our vision. Within His hand there are a host of vibrant worshippers running across the prairie with jubilant shouts of joy. The colors of a dawning sun with its rays of light reflect the birthing of this army of worshippers. They spill forth out of the hand and out to the right. The color red echoes the sacrifice of the event. The dark purple color of the hand of Jesus represents His kingly authority to receive this worship. The prophetic word that was emerging that evening was confirmed as God painted His own hand in the sky in the form of clouds above us as if to say, “Surely I will heal you.”  Here is a picture of that hand in the sky.