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Harvest Rhythms

Acrylic 30” x 40”

Caleb and Lorissa, two students from the Master’s Commission, helped paint while I did some directing or you might say… choreography. Georgie, a young boy who was wanting to paint earlier that day, came up and I let him help. So, the vertical lines of the tallest stalks on the right were painted by him. Lorissa worked on the harvest army or horses and Caleb worked on the heads of wheat including the many vertical lines that give it the vibrating rhythm. The vibrations of line and color are striking. Everything leans to the left as though the breath of God is blowing that way. You can see what looks like the face of God’s Spirit blowing in the top right and then many horses galloping from the sky. Imminent, no doubt, is the current move of God to gather in the harvest. In among what looks like stalks of wheat rich and heavy ladened is a figure echoing the same shapes of the harvest wheat. This represents those looking for God and are ready to be ‘found’.