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Do the Fire

Acrylic 24” x 32”

The startling way every one, and I mean everyone, came up to the front to worship and dance on that first night is reflected in this painting. I felt Jesus’ words, “If anyone will come after me let them take up their cross and follow…”. This is both a journey of going deeper into the Spirit of Jesus to discover the fire of his passionate love as well as the journey of the fire that cleanses. I could sense the determination to leap forth from so many that were worshipping. God is saying. “Do the fire… Give me your all!” As I painted I became aware of the intensity of commitment. What I thought was going to be just fire in the belly of the figure shown in the posture of contrite worship became fire that drew up into the head as well as the persons heart and mind are one with Jesus. In the background are others in worship too beginning to catch this contagious quality of commitment. I see that God is doing this among you and that it will touch others in your proximity.