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Worshipping Beyond the Walls

Acrylic 24”x36” 

This image was inspired by the concept that God leads His worshipping people and that where God is so should His people gather to worship Him. I could see a stone wall and archway. In the middle and bursting forth was light and sound, dancing and revelry in the presence of God. The people within the walls are still standing and dancing, but those that come nearer to the archway opening begin to collapse in deep adoration. God is present and the place in which they worship is shaken. They are overcome by the majesty of God beyond the walls of safety, beyond where they’ve been before. The woman in the foreground has her head bowed so low that her hair flows across the ground, a flowing out of a contrite spirit. The prostrate worshippers are only aware of God, nothing else. This worship of God is both drawing them deeper into God’s heart and drawing them out further into unfamiliar areas, as though God is causing His light from their worship to assault the darkness. It is as though God is saying, “You know how to worship me in safety, now worship me beyond your walls in the darkness of this World .”