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Apple of His Eye

Acrylic  24" x 32"   [Psalm 139; Deut. 32:10]

This painting was done during a worship time at the Nova Scotia Ashram in July of 2008. The sense that I had as I worshipped was that God was girding me up, that He was all around and all over. The idea of woshipping in the centre of His love while painting was overwhelming. I found myself in the painting lying flat out before the Father with arms outstretched in total abandon, but then, maybe I could say in a state of petition too. It’s as though the figure in the painting [me] is constantly crying out to God for more of Him while at the same time in a perpetual state of gratitude. Can these happen at the same time? The eye suggests the presence of God, the vastness of His being, and in His being we live and move. The speck of life that is the figure prostrate in worship might be no more significant than a momentary thought in the mind of God. But there His thoughts linger over the figure, a person He has created, a spark of life He does not ignore. This bit of life, called “the apple” of His eye is the delight of the Father and draws His care, concern and provision. How amazing that He cares.