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Acrylic 24” x 32”  John 3:12

This image drew together the experiences of exploration in a number of other quicker sketches. The situadedness of the tree against the backdrop of light and atmosphere draws the eye in. The blend and balancing of tree with the rhythms and colours of the sky are natural… they fit together. The whole composition conveys this harmony of the physical world echoing the spiritual. Generations of faces in the rock look resolutely for something. Sometimes the mystery of the spiritual is less authentic when explained or categorized. Hopefully you will catch the sense of mystery in this glimpse, of open-endedness with no quick explanations, but just balance. The personified movement of figures suspended in the dawning light are echoed in the tree branches. These two realms do co-exist in balance. The confluence of water flowing around the tree are the overflow of this blending, the seen with the unseen, the hope.