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Acrylic  36" x 48" - 2 Chronicles 7:14;  John 20:19-23

This painting was inspired by  friends in Germany who have seen walls coming down. The image portrays the Berlin Wall and its fall in 89 corresponding to many changes in Europe. This painting represents the breaking of old walls of bitterness and hidden memories by the Spirit of God. Germany’s children and her children’s children are receiving a breakthrough of forgiveness after 50 years... a season of jubilee. Among people in the crowd is a Jewish man playing the violin. The people closest to us in the foreground are Jews who are part of Germany today, but who hold the memories of the holocaust in their hearts. Those memories are seen in the shadows behind them and closest to the viewer. In front of the newly exposed rift in the wall where light pours through are a generation of young Germans with new hope. The golden eagle, which is Germany’s emblem, has been reclaimed by the Spirit of God whose talons are rending the wall. This wall also might be seen as a veil of unforgiveness being torn from top to bottom. The colors of Germany's flag are present in the painting. The black on the bottom represents the memories of the past. The red represents the sacrifice of many Germans including Jews to redeem the land. The yellow represents a new day which God is causing to dawn in the nation of Germany.