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The River

Acrylic 40" x 60"   Psalm 38 and 41

This is an image of the river of life and the process of redemption. All the images of the women are the same person at various stages of growth. On the far right is her woundedness where she is betrayed and stabbed. The instant itself where wounding takes place leaps from her face. Agony ripples through her body. A succession of forms echo her collapse. Here she crouches in brokenness. Grief has overcome her. “Where are you God!”, she cries. “Why did you let this happen?” There is the sense in every valley of feeling all alone. But somehow the God grip in her life never complete releases her, for she longs for Him. She begins to worship God anyway, regardless of her pain and not understanding why. As she worships she enters the light of God’s presence, a light of purity and completion. Reaching for that light, every demon of abuse and bitterness is evicted. Nothing of darkness can stand the light. The empty gnawing of bitterness is released by the power of forgiveness. She wonders and asks inwardly, “What did I do wrong, where were you God?”  The impression of God’s voice is felt within her, “I held you in my hand close to my heart, even as I do now.” Look for the hand of God containing al these life events.