Igniting Canada’s Flame
Igniting Canada’s Flame

Acrylic  40” x 60”

This painting was inspired by the song of the same title, by Brenda Geneau. The imagery of Canada from coast to coast with children gathering for some unknown reason leaves one asking, "Why? What is gathering, what is coming?" The painting, as with the song, releases the conviction that God has prepared Canadians for something unique. With the sun rising over the hill and blazing through the maple tree there is the sense of a new day dawning for Canadians.

I believe what Canadians have been prepared for has something to do with bringing all nations together around its tree of peace. An inclusive unity making movement will emerge that will not begin nor end with politics. Our identity among the nations as peacemakers finally will be shaped by a spiritual awakening within our own land and will spread around the world. This is what the children sense and this is what we were made for. The Canadian flag can be seen draped over the scene. The maple leaf registers in the middle where the maple tree is positioned. 

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