Eye of God
Eye of God

Acrylic  36” x 48”     John 3:16;  Deuteronomy 32:10-11

This is a painting about the great love of God revealed against the background of darkness. The only way we can know the height of the Father’s love is to plumb the depths of His sacrifice for us and know what it cost. If you look into a person’s eyes you can see their heart. In the apple of the eye of the Father is the image of the Son, Jesus. His face reflects what could be seen as great joy in the task that is completed, or it could be seen as sheer agony. Jesus’ hand is outstretched to the left with what looks like a spike through it. This was the price of love God paid for the world. From an insignificant tear issues the world. Around the globe to the right is the expanse of the universe. The Spirit of God flies like a great bird from the eye of the Father and hovers over the earth and over all creation in the beginning. The word came, “Let there be light.” This creation, which was conceived in the heart of God and is His delight, was not birthed without suffering. The cost was great.

Likewise, the stirring of God’s children for the coming of a global awakening is not without cost either. Like a great eagle beating wings over the nest, God is stirring up His children to leave the nest and learn to fly. This analogy Moses used as he was leaving his people before they entered the promised land. A new dependency on God and attentiveness is being stirred up within us and it is costly. Where we have known the Spirit of God before and His comforting presence, now there is a season of risk taking and soaring with the Holy Spirit. When we try to stay in our warm cozy nests God very intentionally pushes us out. This is what is happening to us. However, our dependency on and attentiveness to God is acutely prepared for the things to come.

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