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Champion of the World

Acrylic  48” x 60”   Revelation 19:11-16

When John saw Jesus in this vision it was at the end of his own life. For years he had served his Lord with the same humility and authority with which he had seen Jesus exercise. Now he saw his Lord and his friend, Faithful and True, fully glorified and riding in the spiritual realm with great power. The sword of justice comes from his mouth, the authority of many crowns are upon his head, and he leads an army of saints dressed in white linen. As we draw close to Jesus we see more of his glory and power revealed. But Jesus is calling us into a battle that requires us to love in this world the way that he loved. Jesus had probably known few clean clothes in his time nor would he have fully revealed all his glory and authority to the world. He decided that his sword would be a sword of truth, forged in the fire of love and compassion, and wielded in justice. He decided that his authority and glory would more clearly be seen through his self-sacrifice and people’s faith clamoring to discover who he was. And he decided to call an army of believers made up of the last and lowest people on this earth to be his emissaries in his mobile kingdom.