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Behold Now The Kingdom

Watercolour  12" x 16"    Luke 17:20,21

The eyes of Christ are inescapable. They look right through you as though seeing the unseen. The face framing those eyes has been beaten with fists and ugly thorns anchor themselves in flesh above his brow. The hollow cheeks and silent lips echo the desolation of a beaten man. With all the power that he had at his finger tips he could have toppled empires, but instead he allowed the world to crucify him. Here is found our victorious Christ. Hope is not seen in the bruised and bloodied face, but found in Christ’s victory over death. The images that surround Christ exemplify those oppressed persons to whom Christ refers in Matthew 25. There are the blind, the imprisoned, the hungry, and the homeless. His great love is not seen here in a smile, but in the way he laid down his life for all.