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Spirit of Nova Scotia

Acrylic  36" x 60"  Psalm 107:23-31

This painting was done as an expression of thanks to God for the rich heritage that is ours in the maritimes. It speaks of the call of God on our land from the days of the early settlers with their dreams for a new life until now. The image of the Bluenose ship in strong wind and waves represents the on-going aspirations of the east coast people, strong and ready for adventure. In the waves the profile of a lion marks the bravery of those that venture forth with God. There is a sense of urgency as the though the tide is changing. A lighthouse stands sentinel marking the way to safe harbour. The night is past and the need for the lighthouse pales in the light of a new day. Part of the maritimes can be seen like a map formed in the clouds.  The piper playing, like the call of the shofar or trumpet, is God’s resonating call over Nova Scotia and the maritimes, “Hoist the sails once again and catch the wind of my Spirit.”