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The Shepherd
Acrylic 24" x 30"    Ephesians 4:11,12

This image came to me as I was contemplating what a cherubim must look like. The description given by Ezekiel (1:10 and 10:14) are word images describing what could only be pictured through metaphor. These creatures are echoed again by John in Revelation 4:7 – an angelic type of being praising God perpetually with four facets of majestic character:  lion, eagle, ox and man. These four facets of character visually emerged as I wondered how they were present in the kingdom of God today.  For God has called some to be apostle, prophet, evangelist and pastor/teacher. I saw a shepherd walking along the beach while around this figure the other facets of character swirled. The pastor/teacher is most plainly visible in the painting, while the prophet (eagle), evangelist (lion) and apostle (ox) are each one emerging more and more, but not yet completely visible today. The ox is the most hidden, but upon its shoulders it carries the others. Wind, fire and water are the other symbols of the stirring of God’s Spirit as well. Overall, the image stirs within me the idea that a time for the outpouring of God’s Spirit is at hand as God simultaneously prepares these gifted leaders.