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Healing in His Wings

Acrylic 32” x 48”  Luke 8:43-48

This painting portrays Jesus in a crowd as he turns to see who touched him. The swirl of his covering [tallit] as he turns sends the striped material with its tassels [tzit tzit] dancing. The warmth of the hot day in the colors behind are complimented by the blues and purples in the foreground. The moment is frozen as all faces and hands accentuate the intention of Jesus, to focus upon the needy women. The tassels dance as they float upon a river of blue stripes. They draw our attention to the woman who is grasping a tassel under close scrutiny of a Pharisee and others. The tassel was a symbolic reminder to keep all the laws of Moses and was sewed on to the corners of their cloak. The corners of the cloak were called “wings” and the person who would come as messiah would have kept all the laws. In their righteousness there would be hope. People saw Jesus as the messiah, a man of righteousness with healing in his wings.