How the Gallery is organized
Artists may have different styles they use in various phases of their life or in different contexts. For years I have always painted both in the studio and also live on site. The on site work usually involves quick sketches or either pencil, watercolour, or even acrylic on canvas. The idea with on site sketching is that it is more immediate and fresh. Theses sketches take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and are always done in one sitting. Sometimes the ideas I gather are later used in larger studio work.
Studio work takes more time and is often involves bringing together much research and many preliminary sketches to compose a final image. The final painting may take up to a month. My studio work has often explored multiple images or overlays of images that interact, like metaphor, exploring the poetry of blending diverse images. What may not be said in words might be seen or experienced through image.

Since 2001, having received an invitation to paint during worship at a conference, I have explored the practice of painting live during worship [from 30 minutes to an hour of music] and have come to enjoy painting what are really oversized sketches done with large brushes and acrylic paint in a very short time. This kind of worship painting has affected the style of my studio paintings as well. See if you can tell.

In a very simple way, I have organized my art between earlier and recent, and between studio and worship paintings.

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