Idea and Aim

‘Confluence’ refers to the point where multiple rivers flow together. The purpose of the Confluence is to gather artists of all media together with church leaders to listen to God and express creatively what they feel He is saying. I view it as a prophetic exploration by all participants. The Confluence sits well with today’s culture and is also at home with the Vineyard’s ministry of the body of believers where ‘everyone gets to play’.

Purpose of our event

To engage God as we think in the language of today

Goals of this event

  1. To engage participant in a way of doing theological reflection by thinking in the language of today.
  2. To gather artists and theologians to listen to God and express creatively what we hear God saying.
  3. To help the church allow artists to step out in the creative process without having to be ‘churchy’ or safe.
  4. To strengthen our awareness of our cultural tendencies work. [See article “Touchstones For The Confluence Of The Arts And Theology - Article”]
  5. To model a way of doing this that we can take home.

Overall Aim

The confluence is an attempt to bring together our worlds, recognizing that many of us are both artists and leaders in the church. Our aim is to ignite those longing for change in the church with an unforgettable experience of God meeting participants in the creative, collaborative process. We hope it will influence the culture of church - how we worship God together, how we live in community, and how we appropriate and practise relevant theological ideas in today’s world. Thinking in the language of today is our challenge.